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Inside the Upcoming Petaverse — Dogami

A closer look into Dogami and their plans to build a “Petaverse” on Tezos.

Lately, we’ve become accustomed to a wide array of artists, creators, and talent exploring the Tezos network. This has been a sustained level of momentum, in fact just last month contract calls closed a new ATH of about 6 million.

Conversations are abound about web3, the metaverse, and the trajectory NFTs will take in the longer run. Let’s explain how we’ve gotten to where we are at today with NFTs and how ambitious projects like Dogami plan to shape this new frontier on Tezos.

Digitization > Web3

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past few years, virtually everything that exists physically is being challenged and eaten up by digital alternatives.

Take a look at sports, esports has spawned into what’s estimated to bring in $2B worth of revenue this year. Art and collectibles have reached mainstream adoption in the form of NFTs with prominent auction houses like Sotheby’s showcasing them. Currency itself? That’s also being favored in the form of digital alternatives.

These are all part of a growing trend — digitization.

How everything ties together within this universe that’s spawned through NFTs, gaming, and currency is called web3. There is no set or granular definition for web3, but the best way to encapsulate it is to view the internet being owned by the actual builders and users, orchestrated by tokens.

In the current environment (web2), the FAANG’s business models are reliant on controlling the ownership of users data and how that data gets used. What we’re essentially seeing within web3 is users uncoupling from big tech and revitalizing the very origin of what the internet was supposed to be.

Railroads and Digital Cities

We can view NFTs and the underlying protocol of which they are based upon in a fashion similar to railroads and digital cities. By their very name, NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens. Protocols like Tezos where they are created on serve an important utility function.

Within that metaphorical railroad — freight, goods and services all pass through it and serve a utility function for transport. We can picture the types of assets (stable coins, DeFi, NFTs, etc) on these protocols as serving a utility function, growing the base through the value that gets moved throughout the protocol.

The digital cities surrounding the railroads are social networks called DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and they are rewiring the way people transact, work, interact, or exchange value within this web3 world. Since these social networks are open and not barred to a physical location as a traditional corporation is, the opportunities and usage for these social networks is quite large.

When we combine this all together with a protocol like Tezos that has sensible governance, built to last and evolve over time via it’s governance mechanism, has a cheap and energy efficient model — there’s endless opportunities to develop this new frontier on Tezos.

Which leads us to the work Dogami is doing.

Enter the Petaverse

At the core, Dogami seeks to combine collectibles and gaming through a unique play to earn (P2E) experience on Tezos in the dubbed Petaverse. Using augmented reality elements, players are able to adopt, breed, nurture, and train their dogs (represented by an NFT) in a casual way on a mobile device.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

Like I was mentioning earlier on, behind this NFT speculation craze we’re seeing today is actually the groundwork for something much bigger.

Let’s say you’re one of the many who decided to buy an NFT at some point, a dog for relevancy. Maybe this dog NFT is now pretty valuable and your social media channels are now full of people with dog NFT pictures as their profile pic. They also keep screaming the floor is too low.

A few things happened here.

Firstly, instead of glamorizing your newly acquired dog NFT, you’ve became intertwined into a newly formed community of people who also have these dogs. We can draw parallels to sporting teams. What once was no reason for someone to approach or converse with you, due to the shared common interest (your dog NFT), you’ve now opened up doors that previously would have been closed socially.

This is just one of many pieces in place towards building out this frontier that Dogami is making direct strides on. Down the road, it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine a future where your cryptographic wallet address represents your identity. That wallet address reveals some details about you, from the things you collect to how you spend your tokens, etc. Take it a step further and imagine it’s your personnel number or identification for your job.

NFTs and gaming applications used simultaneously are the next pieces in taking web3 to a full mainstream level. The “next big thing” could be right in front of you.

Key Insight from Bilal El Alamy

I had the chance to have a quick chat with Bilal El Alamy, Co-Founder of Dogami. He shared a few words on the vision for Dogami, Tezos, and more!

Tell us a bit more about the “Petaverse”, what is the vision for this within Dogami?

“Petaverse” is the scientific name for the concept of superposition of worlds commonly known as “multi-verse”. As we believe in “Augmented Reality”, we thought it was a good parallelism to connect to the metaverse trend. Thus, in terms of gameplay we want to push the boundaries of “Pokemon Go” a bit further to create what we call a “Social Augmented Reality World”, basically a superposed world accessible in AR and shared by all the participants.

As we move further towards this web3 world, where do you see Dogami and Tezos within that realm going forward?

I think next year is going to be critical!

Ethereum still has high fees, L2 are not stable, Solana & Cardano also have huge potential but they are still struggling. In that sense, Tezos with more than 6 upgrades has definitely it’s shot.

There’s been some very notable backers of Dogami announced recently, and you’ve even been on the news too! What do you think has helped propel this level of interest for Dogami and the universe you are building?

Obviously the backers as you mentioned. But it’s really a whole that i think we could call “time-to-market”.

They are comparable of great success such as Tamagotchi & NintenDogs. It brings a lot of expectations which we use as positive energy.

Any upcoming announcements or things you’d like to share to the Tezos community?

The date of the first 8 breeds that constitutes the original drop will be on the 22 second of February; the 8000 NFTs will be unpacked until a certain date on which you’ll be able to reveal it yourself !

Finally, we’ll be announcing a lot of partnerships with the Tezos Ecosystem very shortly, companies such as DEX & Stable-Coins ;)

Looking Forward

As we enter the next frontier for the internet, its certain that the previous structures placed on today’s model are being eaten away by the rise of digitization. In the new frontier, an internet owned by the builders and users, orchestrated by tokens — NFTs, the metaverse, and DAOs reign supreme.

Ambitious projects like Dogami are trailblazing this new frontier through NFT and gaming applications on Tezos. For Tezos, which has been receiving lots of organic momentum month by month by heaps of artists and creators minting works across several NFT marketplaces, there’s never been a better time to explore and join the movement.

Be sure to check out Dogami’s upcoming launch on February 22nd, 2022!



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